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The Key Stats

DRILLING 24h Front 24h Rear
SPOKESSapim CX-Ray Front D-Light Rear
STYLEHookless Clincher disc
TypeSHM(shimano) SRM(sram XD/R) CPG(campagnolo)
WEIGHT 1520g +/- 15g
Tire type Hookless Clincher
Tire Size 700c
Tubeless ready Yes
Rim Construction Molded carbon 
Material UD Carbon Fiber
Weight 1520g +/- 15g
Internal rim width 24mm
External rim width 29.6mm
Rim Height 46mm
Max tire pressure Refer to tire pressure guide
Freehub body Shimano/Sram/Campagnolo
Hub bearings TPI 
Spokes front Sapim CX-Ray
Spokes rear Sapim D-Light
Spoke drilling front 24h
Spoke drilling rear 24h 
Lacing pattern front 2 cross
Lacing pattern rear  2 cross


Hand-built in the UK. The Picco is our all-new deep-section road or gravel rim. 24h drilling front and rear, Pacenti hubs front and rear, Sapim CX-Ray spokes in front, Sapim D-Light spokes in back, laced two-cross to optimize strength and low weight. Hubs are configured as 12mm front and 12mm x 142 rear. QR and 135 x 10mm rear are available through end caps purchased separately.

Our Picco rims are the heart of this wheelset, and they are optimized specifically around tubeless tires. The inner width of 24 mm provides for more air volume (comfort) and improves tire profile (control). These rims are the result of a clean-sheet design that brings our best thinking to the table on what a rim should be.

NOTE: The Picco rim is designed for with tubeless specific tires only and a minimum size of 28mm, they can be used with or without an inner tube. 

700 x 28 max pressure 70psi (4.8bar) 

700 x 30 max pressure 65psi (4.4bar)

NOTE: We have yet to find a floor pump with an accurate gauge, we use a digital gauge during testing and when setting up new tyres. 

We recommend you allow a sliding scale for tire pressures. As a general rule, the wider the tire is (more air volume) the less air pressure you’ll need to achieve a fast but compliant ride. Experiment with tire size and air pressures to work out the best combination of volume and pressure for your intended terrain and overall riding style. Air pressure recommendations from the tire manufacturers are a good starting point but should not exceed 70psi for this rim. 

The Picco features a hookless, tubeless-ready rim bed. As such, tires will require a firm grip to install but will go on by hand with the proper technique. Once installed, the bead should be snug on the rim. If you feel the tire is ‘too loose ‘do not use it and find another type or brand to obtain the proper interface between tire and rim for a safe fit and reliable seal. We are always available to give advice on tyres. Hookless rims are here for the future and have been around in automotive for decades. With testing on Forza C hookless, we have seen the carbon rim last much longer than the hooked version especially when abused offroad. At 85KG running 28psi in 700x42 gravel kings. I have been unable to damage the rim even when I have hit them extremely hard on rocks.