Aluminium Rims-mtb

Pacenti has had a rich history in MTB rims starting with Kirk Pacenti being one of the first to adopt and develop the 650b or 27.5 wheel size we now take for granted in modern mountain biking. 

Our all-new aluminium rim lineup is a totally new design from the ground up we have removed all traces of what went before. By designing the rims to have an edge that is flexible and compliant we are able to manufacture a rim that stays true for longer and can take far more punishment than other rims of this class on the trail.

This new technology can make the wheels harder to build. In testing, we have found that this rim produces a far more reliable wheel for even the most extreme enduro use. 

Previously Pacenti had focused on high-quality lightweight designs and we still get many a request for the old TL28 or DL31 rims. 

For detailed information on spoke lengths and technical specification of these rims please visit our dedicated technical page.