milan čižinský

Milan is a great ambassador for mountain biking; relentless dedication to his sport is always evident both in his training ethic and race prep. Milan's main focus is the EWS (Enduro World Series), a regular visitor to the podium - he is focused, dedicated and lets his riding do the talking.

Looking to refine his set-up, Milan approached us about racing the P-DENT bar and stem. Despite some hard knocks in the 2018 season, including shoulder surgery, Milan remains in the top three of the series.

National champion zoe backstedt

Zoe is our youngest and one of the most successful athletes we have had the great fortune to work with.

When the opportunity to supply our wheels to this talented rider came our way, we were only too happy to be involved. Zoe has already brought home one national title on Pacenti wheels, as well as British series win, and we look forward to helping her bag some more.

Juliana Bhuring

Juliana Buhring is an ultra-endurance cyclist, bestselling author and children’s rights activist. She holds the first Guinness World Record for Fastest Woman to Circumnavigate the World by Bicycle. Juliana was the only woman to race the inaugural 2013 Transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul, coming in 9th place overall. In 2014, Juliana participated in the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race across America, winning the women’s category and coming in 4th place overall.

When looking for someone to put your wheels through their paces we needed to look no further. It is a privilege to be in a position to work with someone like Juliana. We look forward to following her exploits as she puts us to the ultimate test.



Milan is just the kind of no nonsense rider we like at Pacenti. Milan has been racing EWS for some time and is always supplying us with great shots from his races. To have a rider of this level on P-DENT bars is an amazing stamp of approval.

Milan takes his riding very seriously and puts in the hours in training, this makes for a great ambassador, we could not ask any more of him and wish him every success this year.

Zoe Backstedt UK Cyclocross champion

Zoe Backstedt UK Cyclocross champion

Zoe is from a strong cycling family and has all the attributes of a great champion. She is fast out the blocks and brought us success for our wheels from day one.

It is great to work with a rider like Zoe she is always enthusiastic and races as hard as she can, we enjoy following her exploits as she races road, track and cyclocross.

Juliana Buhring Ultra-Endurance

Juliana Buhring Ultra-Endurance

Juliana has been defying the odds for a long time, both in life and on her bike. She regularly pushes the best male and female ultra-cyclists to their limits, at races like the Trans America

Her never surrender approach has left some amazing tales in the history of ultra-cycling. The time she rode herself to fourth in the Trans AM will stick in my mind, as she was wheeled on to the plane home after destroying her knees just to finish.

Richard Dunnett Martahon MTB

Richard Dunnett Martahon MTB

Richard is such an accomplished rider it would be hard to do his exploits justice here. Richard has raced around the world as well as maintaining a high standard of cross country racing. He has featured at WEMBO 24hr twice and regularly wins 12hr races. Not to mention two podium finishes in the Trans continental race.

We were pleased to be asked by Richard to support his Tour Divide race in 2018. He will race a custom carbon wheelset we have built specifically for the race this year.