About Us

The team at Pacenti has a belief, to build products especially wheels that cyclists will love to ride. By taking all building in house and taking care of every set rather than opting mass-produced in far off lands. Hand-built to exacting standards set out by our beliefs.

We offer customised options on our product pages but if there is something, in particular, you are looking for then drop us an email or use the online chat. You are guaranteed to speak to one of our team who knows the products and how they work.

We can then advise on the best solution for you!

Rider owned

We are a rider owned company, using that love of all things cycling to inject passion and skill into our products with knowledge and understanding earnt over 100s of thousands of KMs

Our dedicated team are on hand to answer any questions you might have and if you can’t see what you want on our website then just ask.

CEO - Luke Humphreys
Luke has the vision for the business after taking over when Kirk Pacenti stepped down in 2018, he has over 30 years of racing, riding, and industry experience. Whether it’s riding a 24 solo MTB race or a bike packing event he has set the tone for Pacenti. Luke has led Pacenti to the position the company enjoys today building a reputation for quality above all else with his exacting standards.  

Technical Director - Matthias Wiessler
Matt has been riding for even longer and adds a wealth of experience to our technical side. Relentlessly testing and questioning what has been the accepted standards in wheels has led Pacenti to new heights. Matt is working on some exciting new products that Pacenti will bring to market and is key to the future.