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P-DENT STEM 20mm length 1 1/8

The Key Stats

Clamp size35mm
Steerer size1 1/8

Available for pre-order delivery March 2018

P-Dent the game changer from Pacenti Cycle Design.

We have released this stem length so you can experiment with your set up.

Our 20mm length stem is the shortest available, 20mm perfect for either long and low geometry bikes or if your sizing up a frame for a more responsive ride.

P-DENT, which uses a dimple in the center of back of the handlebar allows the use of shorter stems than is afforded by traditional bar and stem systems. This allows for stems down to 20mm in length, unlike anything else on the market. P-DENT can do this without adversely effecting stem height and still leave a headset that can be adjusted while out on the trail, without removing bar and stem.

With our 25mm stem it takes about 15% less input to effect a 10° directional change at the front wheel when compared to a similar 40mm stem. Multiply that over a few hours of riding, and you're saving a lot of energy.

One of the most noticeable effects of the shorter stem in the P-DENT system is quicker and more responsive steering. Because hands are brought back and closer to the steering axis, very little input is required to change lines or keep the front wheel tracking as the rider intends through rough and difficult terrain.